2 former Guardians from 2023 that will be missed this season and 4 they are better off without

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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Player Who Will Not Be Missed: Josh Bell

The previously mentioned free agent blunder, Mike Zunino, is not the only player who was signed before last season with an entry on this list. The Guardians took a chance on switch-hitting first baseman Josh Bell, hoping that he could provide some thump into the middle of the order.

Bell was able to provide some power to the Guardians lineup last year with 19 doubles and 11 home runs, but a little bit more was expected of him than what he was able to provide in his 97 games with the ballclub.

The main problem was strikeout frequency. While there is a certain level of striking out that is accepted, Bell's 81 strikeouts had him on track to eclipse his previous single-season high of 118 (Bell would strike out 53 times with the Miami Marlins and set a new high with 134).

Even though Bell was able to be a more impactful hitter for the Marlins, the Guardians are still better off moving forward without him. Bell not being in the organization means that there is no one blocking Kyle Manzardo from making his MLB Debut at some point this season (hopefully sooner rather than later). If Bell were still here, it would be hard to get Manzardo into the majors, with Bell and Josh Naylor occupying the first base and DH spots most days. Bell being gone presents Manzardo with an opportunity he would not otherwise have, and everyone in Cleveland is better off for it.