2 former Guardians from 2023 that will be missed this season and 4 they are better off without

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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Player Who Will Not Be Missed: Lucas Giolito

When it comes to the players the Cleveland Guardians acquired in their attempt to push for the postseason last year, there is one player who stands out among the rest, and not for a good reason. Lucas Giolito.

Giolito's first start with the Guardians could not have gone much worse, allowing nine runs on seven hits (three of which were of the home run variety) in just three innings. This was not the only game that saw Giolito give up three long balls, as this happened two more times before the season ended.

It was not completely terrible for Giolito during his brief stint with the Guardians. In fact, there was a moment when it appeared that he may have turned the corner. Giolito shut down the eventual 2023 World Series Champion Texas Rangers in his third start. Striking out 12 while allowing just two hits and issuing one free pass. The problem was, it would not last. Giolito would give up three runs in his next start followed by five runs in his final two, all losses.

Even though Giolito was able to dig deep for his one start against Texas, the inconsistency on a start-to-start basis makes it hard to justify wanting him to remain in Cleveland beyond last season. Perhaps Giolito can channel his former self in Boston, but his $18 million salary this season was too much of a gamble for Cleveland, considering how he was mostly ineffective last year.