2 Cleveland Guardians whose hot streaks will continue and 1 who will fade

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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3. Will Brennan's early success will likely fade

Now, it is time to be the bearer of bad news. It does not seem particularly likely that Will Brennan will be able to continue his hot start to the year.

Yes, Brennan's seven hits in 23 at-bats are encouraging, but the fact that they are all singles suggests that his success may not continue that much longer. 21.7% of his batted balls have been soft contact, which is up 4.5% from last season. It is incredibly difficult to have sustained success when there is so much soft contact and a complete lack of extra-base hits, two areas that most of the Guardians lineup experienced difficulties in just last season.

This is not to say that Brennan can not be a productive player for the Guardians, or that he will not be one this season. It is just stating it is more likely for his production to take a bit of a dip rather than continue, considering the types of hits he is getting and how he is getting them. It is possible that Brennan could hit the ball harder to reduce his soft contact rate on batted balls, but until that starts happening, it is hard to envision a world where he continues batting above .300.