10 former Cleveland Guardians who are still without a job entering Spring Training

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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2. Yu Chang

When it comes to players who appear to be enjoying every second of their time on the baseball field, Yu Chang is a picture-perfect example. The problem is that his enjoyment has never really translated to being a productive hitter in the major leagues, which is why he has been in four different organizations since the beginning of the 2022 season.

Expecting anything different from Chang being mostly a non-factor at the plate is a foolish endeavor. Chang was never a prolific hitter in the minor leagues, slashing just .253/.327/.438 in 620 career minor league games. The likelihood that Chang was going to become a lineup regular, given his track record prior to reaching the majors, was not high, despite some being staunch believers in his hitting ability.

Chang's time with the Guardians came to an end early in 2022 after being traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since then, it has been pretty much more of the same from Chang at the plate, struggling to do much of anything, except for a 36-game stretch with the Tampa Bay Rays that saw him hit .260 with three home runs and three doubles. This was clearly an outlier as Chang reverted back to his normal self upon leaving the Rays in a stint with the Boston Red Sox which took place over two separate seasons.