10 former Cleveland Guardians who are still without a job entering Spring Training

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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1. Amed Rosario

A lineup regular for the better part of three seasons with the Cleveland Guardians before finishing last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers following a midseason trade, Amed Rosario is in a position where he is still looking for work.

At his best, Rosario is mostly a league-average bat, possessing a career weighted runs created plus of 95. The issue is that three of his six full major league seasons have seen that number sit below 90, with one year barely above 75 (Rosario's rookie season saw a 75 wRC+ in 46 games).

The issue with Rosario is that he does not produce enough at the plate. It would be one thing if Rosario had some power in his hitting profile, being a .272 career hitter and all, but his 60 career home runs and .708 OPS in 839 games over seven years are hardly enough to justify being a lineup regular.

Complicating matters is his liability as a defender. Rosario was always considered to be a relatively average defender at best, and his deficiencies in that area were exposed following the shift being banned. The only way for Rosario to play on an everyday basis is to be surrounded by elite defenders on either side, and the teams who are going to be in the market for his services are very unlikely to have that.