Cleveland Guardians: 3 postseason players who could be in Cleveland in 2022

Cleveland Guardians free agent target Kris Bryant #23 of the San Francisco Giants (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Cleveland Guardians free agent target Kris Bryant #23 of the San Francisco Giants (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Guardians, Kris Bryant
Cleveland Guardians free agent target Kris Bryant #23 of the San Francisco Giants (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

3 postseason players who could be with the Cleveland Guardians in 2022

The Major League Baseball Postseason is underway and while Cleveland is absent from the field, fans of the Cleveland Guardians should still have an interest in the games. While it would obviously be preferred that we could be watching Cleveland right now, we could be watching players who will be suiting up for the Guardians in 2022.

Cleveland’s ownership has pledged to spend a bit more this coming offseason to ensure that the inaugural season of the Cleveland Guardians is a success. Where that money will be invested is yet to be seen, but there’s the chance that it goes to bringing in free agents to bolster the young squad.

With such a young roster, veteran leadership paired with talent to fill gaps would be a perfect match for Cleveland. The club will have 29 other teams to analyze to find those players, however, some of them are still playing as part of the eight teams left standing in the playoffs. They might cost a bit more, but if the front office is truly being given the green light to spend, these three should be near the top of Cleveland’s target list.

Cleveland Guardians Free Agent Target #1: Kris Bryant, SF

The longtime Chicago Cub and now San Francisco Giant, Kris Bryant should be the prime suspect this postseason to be added to Cleveland’s roster before the 2022 season begins. A versatile player with plenty of accolades, including an MVP award and a World Series ring, Bryant fits the bill perfectly for what could be the missing piece in Cleveland.

Some of Cleveland’s biggest needs this offseason will be first base and outfield. There’s youthful options at both, but a veteran upgrade would be welcomed with open arms. Bryant has the ability to fill both needs. The catch will be the cost.

Bryant will surely be one of the more sought after players on the market with the Cubs and Giants most likely in the running to bring him back. Considering he made $19.5 million this season, his price for 2022 could be a hefty tag.

Now, that seems like a lot for Cleveland, but it isn’t uncharted territory. When Cleveland signed Edwin Encarnacion they gave him $60 million over three years, a price similar to what Bryant could garner. The difference is that when Encarnacion was signed, Cleveland was coming off an American League Pennant. Now, they are coming off their first losing season in nearly a decade so spending that kind of money is a harder point to sell.

However, if ownership is serious about making the Cleveland Guardians first season a success, then a signing of this nature will be needed to make a splash. Bryant is a well known name and respected player with stats to back it up. Throw in the fact that his versatility is exactly what Cleveland needs and it seems like a price worth paying.