Cleveland Indians: 4 candidates for Cleveland’s most improved player in 2021

Cal Quantrill #47 of the Cleveland Indians / Cleveland Guardians (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
Cal Quantrill #47 of the Cleveland Indians / Cleveland Guardians (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, Harold Ramirez
Harold Ramirez #10 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

4 candidates for the Cleveland Indians most improved player in 2021

The 2021 season for the Cleveland Indians was one that saw a lot of opportunities for young players. Between offseason and deadline trades paired with injuries, plenty of chances for players to prove themselves were presented. While most expected prospects to take advantage of those opportunities, some were grabbed by players already on the roster.

Whether it be a year-to-year upgrade in performance or a shift throughout the season, these four players showed great improvement in their games. Thanks to their efforts, they should have a spot secured on the 2022 Cleveland Guardians. On top of that, they’ve placed their names in the mix for the most improved player in 2021 for the Cleveland Indians.

Harold Ramirez, OF, Cleveland Indians

Saying that Harold Ramirez was one of the most improved players on the Cleveland Indians roster is a bit of an odd statement. He wasn’t in Cleveland last year, but his stats this year are far improved over his 2020 sample that saw just three games played. However, he had a strong 2019 season. So, perhaps this was a bounce back campaign rather than improved?

Regardless, Ramirez ends up on this list because he did improve greatly from 2020 to 2021, even if it might have to do with his sample size. Over his three games with Miami in 2020, Ramirez went 2-for-10 with an RBI.

Moving to Cleveland this season, Ramirez found his grove from 2019 that saw him slash .276/.312/.416 with 20 doubles and 11 home runs over 119 games for Miami. Now, Ramirez is putting up similar numbers for the Tribe.

This year, Ramirez is slashing .266/.302/.405 with 20 doubles and six home runs over 84 games in Cleveland. His slash line has actually dipped a bit, as has his power, but he’s been able to tally the same amount of doubles in 35 fewer games.

Based on the fact that this is more of a bounce back for Ramirez, I’m not sure he could qualify for most improved. Either way, he’s had a strong 2021 season and has been a great addition to the Cleveland roster.