Cleveland Indians: 3 players most likely to be added by trade deadline

Starting pitcher German Marquez #48 of the Colorado Rockies (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Starting pitcher German Marquez #48 of the Colorado Rockies (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, Kyle Gibson, Texas Rangers
Cleveland Indians trade target Kyle Gibson #44 of the Texas Rangers (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

3 players the Cleveland Indians are most likely to add by trade deadline

We’re still just over a month away from the Major League Baseball trade deadline and the Cleveland Indians could end up on any side of a deal. The team is just on the brink to where they could end up either a buyer or a seller. Depending on the deal they could be a little bit of both, something that has become a theme over the last couple seasons for the club.

The Tribe has made one move already, sending off first baseman Jake Bauers to the Seattle Mariners, but a small deal that like won’t show the hand of the team for what’s to come at the deadline. We’ve talked about players that the team could end up trading away, but what if they take the route of trading for? Who could be some of the targets?

Given the state of the team and the goal to save money, it might be hard to picture the Tribe adding players and contracts at the deadline, but it isn’t impossible. If the team can string together wins and prove to the ownership that they have a shot in the postseason, then perhaps a trade could be on the horizon. The deals would still have to be reasonable, but they are within reach.

Should Cleveland become buyers at the trade deadline there’s one clear position to pursue. Starting pitching. The other areas of need have rising prospects that could have potential to fill voids and I’m sure the front office and ownership would rather go that route. However, all immediate avenues for pitching seem to have been exhausted, except a trade.

Finding affordable starting pitching isn’t exactly an easy task, but these three players might fit the bill for the Cleveland Indians to make a move for them at the trade deadline if the price is right.