Cleveland Indians: Which World Series run had the better team?

Rajai Davis #20 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Rajai Davis #20 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Matt Williams, Cleveland Indians, World Series
Matt Williams of the Cleveland Indians (Photo -/AFP via Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians World Series Runs: Which was the better team?

When looking at these three teams there almost has to be a separate category for the regular season and the postseason to decide which team has the advantage. On paper, the 1995 campaign was clearly the better regular season, however, of the three they won the fewest games in the World Series.

If you look at just the World Series, then the 2016 and 1997 teams were rather similar as well. Both went seven games and needed extra innings in game seven, but the 1997 team was a few outs closer to winning the title than the 2016 team came. To a similar point, the 1997 team also had the “worst” regular season of the three.

So, how do you make the call for which team was the best? It might come down to each person’s opinion of what matters more for a World Series runs. Does the regular season to get to the postseason carry more weight, or does the performance in the postseason, more specifically the World Series, matter more?

There’s lot more to debate between these three teams than just these three categories. Regardless, each of the these seasons for the Cleveland Indians are historically some of the best. Hopefully, they will have to take a backseat to a championship team in the relatively near future.

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