Cleveland Indians: Who’s Tribe’s best power hitter over last 30 seasons?

Jim Thome #25 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Tim Umphrey/Getty Images)
Jim Thome #25 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Tim Umphrey/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, Travis Hafner
Travis Hafner #48 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Who’s the Cleveland Indians best power hitter over the last 30 seasons?

The last 30 seasons for the Cleveland Indians, which takes us back to the 1991 campaign up until now, has been full of ups and downs for the club. The 1991 season saw a last place finish in the division, but soon the Tribe would finish in at least second each season over an eight year span that included six division titles and two World Series appearances.

The last place finish in 1991 was the last time the Tribe finished last in the division, although they have come close a few different times since then. While the most recent streak hasn’t been along the lines of six division title in eight years, the Cleveland Indians have once again found their footing, winning the division three years in a row from 2016 to 2018, including another World Series appearance.

Whether the team was finishing last or winning the division, there’s been one consistent aspect of the team and that’s a power hitter. The one to fill that role has been more clear in some seasons than others, like Jody Gerut‘s 22 homers during the 2003 season, but the presence has always been there in the lineup.

When reviewing the last 30 seasons, there’s been plenty of power hitters to spend time with the Cleveland Indians and not all of them will make this list. Jason Giambi was a great power hitter, whether he was using steroids or not, but most of his explosive days had passed by the time he arrived in Cleveland.

With that being said, these five players should be regarded as the best power hitters for the Cleveland Indians over the last 30 seasons, but which one do you think is the best of the bunch? Which players were snubbed from the list and who should they replace if added?