Cleveland Indians: 3 possible Francisco Lindor trades to New York Mets

Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Three potential trades for Francisco Lindor between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Mets.

Little news has been reported of a Francisco Lindor trade, but the New York Mets have been rumored as a trade partner for the Cleveland Indians. With such little news, really only the Mets and Toronto Blue Jays have been consistently paired as landing spots for Lindor in a potential trade.

It’s not just the Cleveland Indians that have been inactive this offseason, but all of baseball. A trade involving Francisco Lindor seemed all but certain at the conclusion of the season, but the activity has come to a screeching halt of late.

While the odds of a Lindor trade before the start of the season seem to be decreasing just a bit, the thought of trading him eventually still seems inevitable. Perhaps the Cleveland Indians want to wait to see if his value goes up once the season is for sure happening or think they can get more value in the middle of the season.

Regardless of when the trade becomes closer to reality, the New York Mets should be a team that immediately comes up in conversations. Recent success hasn’t exactly been associated with the Mets, but with new ownership the team is looking for an immediate turnaround and what better way than adding one of the best players available in Francisco Lindor.

The barrier for the Mets will be ensuring that they have the assets to make the trade happen. While they have intriguing prospects, most either play positions that aren’t a current need for the Tribe or won’t be ready for the majors for a few seasons. The key will be piecing together the right players to not only interest the Indians, but have the best offer on the table for the star shortstop.

While there are endless combinations of players that could be assembled, these three seem to be the best bet for the New York Mets to land Francisco Lindor from the Cleveland Indians.