Cleveland Indians: 3 possible Francisco Lindor trades to Toronto Blue Jays

Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /
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Cavan Biggio, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays
Cavan Biggio #8 of the Toronto Blue Jays (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

A bigger splash for the Cleveland Indians

This one is a bit further down the rabbit hole with the Cleveland Indians receiving Cavan Biggio in return. However, they also have to give up more by sending the Toronto Blue Jays Bradley Zimmer and Scott Moss in addition to Lindor, who would most likely need to agree to a long-term deal for it to work. While the Indians technically give up more in terms of players, they receive two young players with high potential in Gurriel and Biggio that could help them not miss a beat.

Zimmer has had plenty of chances in Cleveland and has dealt with plenty of adversity as well that has kept him from succeeding. In going to Toronto, he reunited with Shapiro, who drafted him for the Indians, and has a fresh start. With Gurriel gone, the Blue Jays could use an extra hand in the outfield and that’s Zimmer.

As for Moss, he’s a 26-year old left-handed pitcher that has been held back from the Indians’ pitching log jam. With so many young prospects, Moss has been lost in the mix despite being the club’s No. 24 prospect, but could have more value to Toronto.

For the Indians, they receive Cavan Biggio. Currently 25-years old, Biggio’s average as been a bit lower than anticipated in the majors with a career average of .240. However, he drew 71 walks during the 2019 season over 100 games while hitting 16 home runs and stealing 14 bases. While the average is low, the rest of the stat line makes up for it.

Biggio would fill the gap at second for the Indians, leaving only one hole in the middle infield rather than two. He also has third base and right field flexibility that could come in handy for the Tribe.