Cleveland Indians: Redrafting First Round Picks from 2010-2016

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With enough time to fully evaluate whether or not the Cleveland Indians made the right draft picks from 2010-16, we take a look back and redraft the mistakes.

While the Cleveland Indians have reached the postseason five of the past 10 seasons, they have not quite hit the jackpot with their first round draft picks.

Since 2010, just one of Cleveland’s first round picks have been named an all-star and just two others have reached the majors.

Others were either traded, retired or are still in the Indians minor league system developing at a slower pace than expected.

When looking at who the Cleveland front office passed up on to take players that have not panned out, it’d be easy for Indians fans to dream what if and shake their heads in disappointment.

Since the majority drafted from 2018-20 are not minor league ready and the Indians did not have a first round pick in 2017, we took a look back at the Indians’ first round selections from 2010-16 and redrafted the one’s that did not pan out.

Here’s a look at how the redrafts shook out.

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