Cleveland Indians: Five Indians that could be traded this offseason

Starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco #59 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco #59 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, Jose Ramirez
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The Cleveland Indians are expected to once again cut payroll this offseason, so which five players could be traded by the club lessen the load?

This offseason will be an interesting one for fans of the Cleveland Indians. The team has been able to remain at a highly competitive level for the better part of the last seven years, but the team is reaching a crossroads.

It was already widely known that the Indians were not willing to pay star shortstop Francisco Lindor, or any player for that matter, $30 million or more a season. With that mindset, it seemed clear that Lindor would eventually be traded away from Cleveland. Some thought it would happen last season, but here we are at the conclusion of the 2020 season and Lindor is still in Cleveland.

However, whatever hope fans had left that the Cleveland Indians would pay up probably died with the 2020 season. The loss of revenue around the league is expected to force teams to spend even less than originally anticipated, meaning if the Indians weren’t going to pay Lindor before, they almost definitely won’t now.

In addition, Lindor might not be the only payroll causality this offseason. Lindor was expected to make the most on the roster, assuming the team declines their expensive team options, but anyone on the roster that is making anywhere close to eight figures might be shown the door in an effort to save as much money as possible.

On top of that, the Indians have a few prospects who haven’t quite panned out. Whether it be injuries or just bad runs in the majors, the Tribe could look to get some sort of return on investment before the market is completely dry of any interest.

It seems like anyone on the roster for the Cleveland Indians could be moved this offseason. The direction of the club is a bit unknown, leaving all doors open. However, based on contracts, team control and on-field performance, these five players are the most likely to be moved this offseason.