Cleveland Indians’ ideal lineup to close out the 2020 season

Franmil Reyes #32 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
Franmil Reyes #32 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /
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Delino DeShields, Cleveland Indians
ST LOUIS, MO – AUGUST 29: Yadier Molina #42 catches a high pitch during an at-bat against Delino DeShields #42 of the Cleveland Indians in the twelfth inning at Busch Stadium on August 29, 2020 in St Louis, Missouri. All players are wearing #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. The day honoring Jackie Robinson, traditionally held on April 15, was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images) /

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Center Field, Right-Handed Hitter

There’s a few spots that Delino DeShields could slot into for the Indians, but the ninth spot is the best fitting for his skill set. Being a batter that can lay down bunts and steal bases while also having the occasional home run is ideal for the last spot.

After you get through the top five in the order, DeShields is really the best of the bunch that is left over, having a .316 OBP. If he can get on base at the bottom of the order, then it makes it that much easier for the top of the order to be effective.

Instead of Santana just trying to get on base, he becomes the second runner on base. Instead of Hernandez trying to get Santana into scoring position, he’s trying to get DeShields home, and so on. In reality, the roles don’t change, it just becomes easier to produce runs by doing the same thing.

If DeShields can get on base once or twice a game from the nine-hole, that is more than enough to be a solid play from that part of the order. He most likely won’t win the game for the Indians, but he can very easily be a part of the reason why the Indians win, which is perfect for the last spot in the order.

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