Indians ownership continues to be as tone-deaf as ever

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Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan had some more frustrating comments Wednesday night that were a big slap in the face to fans.

The entire population of Cleveland Indians fans has mixed feelings toward owner Paul Dolan.

I am firmly in the camp of thinking he is greedy. Others love him as an owner and will defend him whenever criticism arises.

Well there sure is criticism toward him today after his speech at Wednesday night’s Greater Cleveland Sports Awards. The Dolan family won a Lifetime Achievement Award and as a result a speech was given.

As an aside, the late Fred McLeod should have won the award. But that is just my opinion.

Anyway, here is how Dolan ended his speech:

Yikes. A rich guy thanking other rich people for making him even richer. And then ending his speech by poking fun at the fact Francisco Lindor is likely not going to stick around for much longer. For those who don’t remember, Dolan caused a bit of a PR nightmare by saying fans should enjoy Lindor while he is still here.

This comes off extremely tone-deaf and condescending.

Every single time I tweet anything negative about ticket prices or concessions there are always a few people who make it a point to say that they are frugal and get a bleacher ticket and eat at home. My response to that is: Good for you.

The Dolans are insanely rich and Paul Dolan still feels the need to act like he is in danger of ending up homeless if he invests in the business he owns. The multi-billion dollar business, that is.

At a time when fans are desperate for him to improve the team, all he could do was thank those giving him the most money. Money that is going right into his pocket if he continues to keep payroll so low.

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