Indians: Trevor Bauer was right about the Astros all along

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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

Former Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had been calling out the Houston Astros cheating ways for years and was finally proven right.

Trevor Bauer was a polarizing figure during his time with the Cleveland Indians.

Yet he wasn’t wrong about the cheating ways of the Houston Astros. He was calling it out for years and had to deal with backlash from Astros players and fans the entire time.

Bauer, now a member of the Cincinnati Reds, has been having a bit of a vindicated victory lap on Twitter. The new shirt he is selling goes full scorched Earth on the Astros.

Harsh? Not really considering the allegations of the Astros using buzzers, covered with band-aids, to be told what pitch is coming. You know, just classic sophisticated cheating that taints the 2017 World Series.

It is only a bit shocking to see the way Bauer was treated for his Astros allegations over the past few years. However, the team had to come out in defense of themselves to ease their minds in covering up the horrible truth.

Bauer has had his controversies. But those are not relevant in this current discussion. He was right about the Astros and endured years of hate for pointing out the truth it took years for MLB to discover.

He is arrogant and comes off a bit brash both on Twitter and during live interviews. But once again, he was calling out the Astros and defending his team who likely were hurt by Houston’s cheating in the 2018 ALDS. If you don’t think the Astros cheated, Jose Altuve‘s postseason splits at home versus on the road tell part of the story.

Bauer is obviously no longer on the Indians. And being right doesn’t change the fact the Astros are still 2017 World Series champions.

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But at least someone was calling out the Astros on their cheating for years without fear of repercussions. Just don’t expect Houston to ever consider signing Bauer. He wouldn’t fit in with the cheating anyway.