Indians: A Bachelor-themed Twitter poll to have some fun in the winter

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians had plenty of Bachelor-worthy players pass through the organization and one was chosen as the favorite.

If you are a huge Bachelor fan like me then Monday night was a time for celebration. How does this have to do with the Cleveland Indians, you ask?

Simple. It was time for a Twitter poll!

For those somehow unaware with The Bachelor, one man dates 30 women until finally picking one and proposing. Does it usually go well? No, but the drama rivals that of a 162-game season. Anyway, here is the poll I created and shared late Monday night.

It was all about the best possible Indians players from past and present to be The Bachelor. I had an inkling Grady Sizemore would remain the favorite after all these years. Grady’s Ladies are a loyal group.

Francisco Lindor was a close second while Juan Uribe beat out Jason Kipnis. Can you imagine Uribe on a reality dating show? It would be legendary.

Watching The Bachelor in the cold months of winter allows me to get away from any and all Cleveland sports drama. Therefore, I am pushing my viewing habits on all of you in the form of a Twitter poll. Though it was voluntary, of course.

I remember being in the sixth grade when the Grady’s Ladies craze started. Sorry if that sentence makes you feel old. He was the next big star…until he wasn’t. As it often goes.

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Be sure to let me know in the comments about any wild card Bachelors I may have skipped over. Would you like to see Corey Kluber stand stoic and hand out roses? That sure would be something.