Indians: The obvious top moment of the entire decade

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

There is one top moment from the past decade for the Cleveland Indians that stands out above the rest and it is not even close.

The end of the decade means it is time to determine the top moments of the past 10 years.

When it comes to the Cleveland Indians it is not even close.

Was there ever a question? Rajai Davis‘ Game 7 home run in the 2016 World Series is not just the best moment of the decade for the Indians. It is one of the most legendary moments in the history of Major League Baseball.

I have written about that moment countless times since it happened over three years ago. I have watched that video an unknown amount of times as well and I am sure plenty of Indians fans have done the same. It is just so amazing!

2016 was thee year during this past decade and the Davis home run was the climax. The Indians obviously lost that game and the World Series. But Rajai got us back in the game with a home run no one will ever forget.

Jason Giambi‘s 2013 home run and the 22-game win streak in 2017 stand out as great regular season moments. Yet the only thing that will top Davis’ postseason moment is the team winning a World Series. Even then, a casual sweep or 4-1 series victory may not top the in-the-moment excitement of what Rajai gave fans.

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Please leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on some other “moments of the decade.” If you think something topped Rajai I would love to hear. I do remember Ezequiel Carrera laying down a nice drag bunt one time.