Indians: An unforgettable moment from the 2013 season

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Jason Giambi provided Cleveland Indians fans with one of the best moments of the decade back during the 2013 regular season.

The end of the decade is a time of reflection for Cleveland Indians fans. Well, for everyone, but this is an Indians blog so indulge me for a moment.

One of the most memorable moments of the past 10 years came in 2013 when the Indians were fighting for a playoff spot. In vintage Indians fashion, the team was struggling against a below-average team at the end of the season.

The Indians entered the month needing some magic to return to the postseason for the first time since 2013 and things looked grim on September 24. A 3-2 lead was blown in the ninth inning and the Indians came to bat needing a victory to keep the playoff hopes alive. Then this happened:

Two outs. Bottom of the ninth. Playoff hopes on the line. Jason Giambi?

The Indians ended up winning 10 straight to finish the season and snag a Wild Card berth. All thanks to Giambi, who kept the winning going and added a strange footnote to his long and controversial career. My only question is whether this is actually the one true moment of the decade.

The Indians did nearly win a World Series in 2016. My guess is that Fox Sports was talking about the best moment that was aired on the network. Though there was a legendary winning streak…I digress. It was a fun moment!

I remember watching the game in my dorm at BGSU and losing my mind both in the top and the bottom of the ninth. The excitement carried over to when I sat in the very top row at the Wild Card Game. I’ll be 80 years old talking about how that was the loudest game I ever attended.

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When one thinks of the past decade, Giambi’s name isn’t one of the first few to come up. But when reminded of his name and this moment, it is hard not to get chills. Just forget about what happened in the actual postseason. That is usually a wise strategy when remembering any Indians moment after 1948.