Decisions soon being made on potential Francisco Lindor trade

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The Cleveland Indians have reportedly told teams to get their best Francisco Lindor trade offers in soon before the holidays begin.

The Cleveland Indians are going to ruin Christmas. I can sense it.

First the team traded Corey Kluber out of nowhere. Boom. Just like that he is on the Texas Rangers. Next up could be Francisco Lindor.

Ken Rosenthal recently wrote an article laying out the fabricated sense of urgency created by the Indians front office.

That article is behind a paywall. But there is one point being shared across social media that concerns Indians fans. That point is the one in which Rosenthal says the Indians are telling teams to get their best offers in by the weekend.

That is, the weekend before Christmas!

This is a total disaster. Hopefully Rosenthal means the Indians want offers in to consider for the next month. Not just a two-day chat before the holidays. This is a franchise-shifting move that could be felt for years.

The insane thing is that Lindor is still under team control for two more seasons. I have personally stated I understand his value is the highest it will ever be at this exact moment in time. But at least give him one more run with the team in 2020 to chase a World Series.

The Dodgers have been linked to Lindor all offseason and the Reds have jumped in as potential suitors as well. Imagine Lindor and Trevor Bauer winning a World Series in Cincinnati. I may have a heart attack.

There is no rush on a Lindor trade. The Indians seemed to rush a bit on the Kluber deal, unless his value was truly so low the team had no choice. Though Texas may have pulled off a heist.

To be totally honest, it is just difficult to write about a potential Lindor trade. Being a sports fan means the biggest decisions are out of your control. You can attend every single game and the owner of the team can respond by sending your favorite thing in the world into a state of constant losing and despair.

It sucks.

The owner can also reward fans by trying to compete at the highest level while certain players remain in town. Lindor is obviously going to command a deal out of the Indians’ budget. Agree or disagree with that, but it’s true.

The Dolan’s still need to put the situation in context. The Indians have not won a World Series since 1948, in case you have forgotten that. Professional baseball is a game at heart. The goal is to win. Trading Lindor goes against winning and instead tells fans to once again wait until next year. Then all will be well.

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All this Lindor trade talk is exhausting and unnecessary. It’s almost Christmas! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.