An editor’s note on our Indians-related name change

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Our site has undergone a name change and our readers, Cleveland Indians fans, should note the inspiration for the new name.

The Cleveland Indians traded Corey Kluber and we got a new name. The end of an era indeed.

If you are reading this you will note the url has changed away from to That’s right, moving forward we will be known as “Away Back Gone.”

Nothing else is changing aside from the name. Our social media accounts should be updated soon along with a few minor changes on our front page.

Why the name change? Well, that is above my pay grade. Loyal readers will know this isn’t our first change, and the previous transition went smoothly. Just update the autofill on your browser and you are good to go.

The Hammy-inspired name brings up the debate on whether it is “way back gone” or “away back gone.” Indulge us in our new name. Let’s just all pretend the call is ” a wayyyyy back….GONE.” Close enough, right?

The coverage is staying the same and may even get crazy this offseason if the Indians stay on the current path. A Lindor trade may just break the Internet in Cleveland. Though I have no desire to write such a piece in the next year.

To recap we have a new name, the same staff, and our social media accounts will be updated soon. Everyone follow?

We will now return to our normal operations, which means continuing to lament the loss of Kluber. That is all we really can do until another move is made. Maybe the Indians will honor our new name and the holiday season with a monumental trade or signing in the next week. Or they will sign a veteran utility infielder.

Next. How Karinchak, Clase can weaponize the bullpen again. dark

Remember, it’s Away…Back…Gone!