Indians: Two players chosen for ESPN’s 2019 All-MLB Teams

(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians had plenty of talent on the 2019 roster and two players recently showed up in an All-MLB exercise done by ESPN.

Major League Baseball recently announced its own All-MLB process that will take place this December.

The league notably had been without such honors and will join the modern times with a process featuring both official and fan voting. The fan vote diminishes the importance a bit, but it is still good to see several Cleveland Indians up for even more honors this offseason.

About a week ago, before this news came out, ESPN voted on their own All-MLB Team. Three teams of players were chosen and as you may have guessed by now, the Indians were represented.

Shane Bieber showed up on the second team and Brad Hand made it to the third. Bieber is an obvious choice as he nearly finished in the top three of AL Cy Young voting.

Hand may be a bit of a surprise to some fans that hated him based on a few bad outings. Yet his year was not as bad as some may have remembered. As with any closer, fans are always going to recall the bad over the good.

A notable snub is that of Roberto Perez, who was the fourth catcher in the ESPN voting. His offense knocked him down a bit, yet his defense should at least have him on the third team at minimum. Maybe he can be redeemed in the official MLB version of the All-MLB voting.

Carlos Santana and Francisco Lindor also just missed out in the ESPN voting, but both are up for the MLB version.

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Other leagues see players gaining or losing millions based on this style of award. MLB contracts could introduce similar incentives, though the fan vote may have to go away for that to happen. For now it is more of a fun exercise and a way to look back on another wild MLB season.