Indians: What to do with Francisco Lindor if he turns down an extension

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The Cleveland Indians will likely offer Francisco Lindor some sort of extension. If he turns down the team’s best offer, it becomes decision time.

The Cleveland Indians reportedly offered Francisco Lindor a contract extension back before the 2017 season. While some rumors said it was around $100 million, Lindor had no interest in signing the deal.

That is interesting because it would have covered his arbitration years and potentially paid him more than what he will earn this year and in 2021. But Lindor knows what is right around the corner. He is set to earn a huge payday starting in 2022 that could be up in the $300 million range.

Right now I see no way the Indians offer him such a deal. The team just doesn’t operate that way and the only way a mega-deal happens is if it is for around four or five years with options included. And if he signed the deal and the Indians won a World Series, the team may look to move that money after achieving the ultimate goal.

Re-signing Lindor is the obvious elephant in the organization for the Indians this offseason. But if he refuses the team’s best offer it is time for the front office to consider a possible trade.

To be clear, I am not rooting for Lindor to be traded. I have just seen this team operate for long enough to expect a trade at this point.

Here are some options for what the team can do in 2020 if Lindor refuses anything other than a record extension.