Indians: A day fans will remember until the team finally wins it all

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November 2 is a day that will always stand out for Cleveland Indians fans after what happened on the fateful day back in 2016.

November 2, 2019 will not end up carrying much relevance for Cleveland Indians fans. November 2, 2016 is a much different story.

The date, of course, is when Game 7 of the 2016 World Series took place. The weather was unseasonably nice and I headed downtown to take in the game at a bar. I needed the atmosphere to avoid going insane.

I have written about that Game 7 countless times during my time here at Believeland Ball. So I won’t bring it all up again. I just woke up this morning knowing there was some significance to the date. Oh yeah, that’s why.

Indians fans are troopers. The team hasn’t won the World Series since 1948 and I can’t say that title carries any meaning to me. At the time it was probably the talk of the town. Now it sounds like something out of a history textbook that is hard for anyone to get excited about.

Since then fans have been pulling positives from seasons that end with overwhelming negatives.

Fans who were old enough to remember the great run in the 90s have great seasons to talk about, followed by exciting postseason moments. Just stop short of the final games of both the 1995 and 1997 World Series. And every other postseason for that matter.

Fans who are younger have the 2016 season as the one that stands out as the most magical. The team dominated the postseason up until Game 5 of the World Series.

But November 2 is a day when a comeback was had and Rajai Davis became a Cleveland legend. The problem, once again, is the final outcome of that game.

Fans need something positive to think about after so many championship-less seasons. What this team has provided is hope. Hope of ultimately winning a World Series. November 2, 2016 saw the team get about as close as possible without winning it all, only making fans more anxious for it to finally happen.

I am genuinely curious of what the feeling will be like the year after the Indians eventually do win a World Series. It is going to happen at some point, hopefully before we all get too old.

Will fans spend the entire year celebrating, or will they not settle for anything less than another?

It is an interesting thought and one that is fun with either outcome. Such a conversation will only happen when a championship banner is hanging inside Progressive Field.

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Today doesn’t have to be one where fans are somber in remembrance of 2016. Just do what others do and watch the Rajai home run on loop. It is better than going out in the cold.