Former Indians players enjoy victory and defeat in the World Series

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Several former Cleveland Indians players were in both dugouts during Game 7 of the 2019 World Series. Some celebrated, while others left in defeat.

Cleveland Indians fans know how brutal a World Series Game 7 can be. We don’t need a reminder!

Houston Astros fans, though they have a recent title to celebrate, were subjected to four home losses in the World Series that ended with the Washington Nationals celebrating on Houston’s field. There is nothing worse.

Indians fans who were watching got to see Yan Gomes catch the final strike and react with boyhood excitement. He caught a ball that was missed by the bat of Michael Brantley. Oh how times change.

The game also saw former Indians reliever Joe Smith get charged with two earned runs in what ended up being a bullpen collapse for the Astros. Gerrit Cole just sat in the bullpen waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Asdrubal Cabrera added a hit for the Nationals in the 6-2 win. It is easy to forget about Cabrera when the focus is on Gomes and Brantley. Cabrera spent 2007-2014 with the Indians and has been with five teams since. I was going to say that 2014 isn’t that long ago until I realized the decade is over in two months.

Both Gomes and Brantley are two beloved former Indians who are impossible to root against. That made it fun to see Gomes get his championship moment after being traded away last offseason. On the other side of the excitement was Brantley striking out to be part of yet another losing locker room in the Fall Classic.

I can’t say I was personally upset at seeing Brantley lose. In fact, I was happy the Nationals were able to take down the Astros. Players move on and it is a part of the game. However, he is one of the good guys on that team so I wasn’t openly cheering him to strikeout. Perhaps a nice single by him followed up by a game-ending strikeout.

The other story following last night’s Game 7 is that the offseason is officially here. Big free agents are going to hit the market and Indians fans will wait to see if any notable additions are made. Just one. Please.

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A big congrats to Yan and Asdrubal! I’m sure Brantley will be back dominating next year.