Indians: A quick update on when the team returns to action

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Cleveland sports fans are reeling on yet another brutal Sunday. So when exactly do the Cleveland Indians return to action?

Sundays are always a brutal time in Cleveland this time of year.

The Browns had another dud game Sunday and it got me thinking of when exactly the Cleveland Indians return to the field.

Obviously, it is not for quite some time. But it is almost November and for some reason I have noticed that time goes a bit faster the older I have gotten.

The regular season starts in just under five months on March 26. At home. Should make for a great day to be outside right by Lake Erie.

Of course, the baseball begins in February when spring training action gets underway. Football season will be over and I don’t think the Cavaliers will be doing all that well, even though the team did play well this weekend.

That means Cleveland sports fans will need some new hope and the Indians can begin to set the tone with the first spring training game that takes place February 22. That is not even four months from now! Let us know on Twitter if you plan to attend. Goodyear is always a nice escape from the brutal winter here in Northeast Ohio.

By the way, I just looked it up and there are some cheaper direct flights from Cleveland to Phoenix during the final week of February. In case you are feeling spontaneous.

The World Series is still taking place and we have not even begun the hardcore free agency discussions. Yet after the way the football team played today, it is never too early for everyone in town to start talking baseball.

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Not to be too much doom and gloom. At least it is still fall. The leaves look nice.