World Series 2019: Former Cleveland Indians in both starting lineups

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The Cleveland Indians may not be in the 2019 World Series, but fans will notice several familiar faces in Tuesday’s Game 1.

I began this month thinking I wouldn’t watch any October baseball. Now here I am anxiously awaiting the start of the 2019 World Series.

The Cleveland Indians are obviously not taking part but there is some intrigue with the Washington Nationals looking to take down the unlikable Houston Astros.

Both teams have former Indians players and some are even in the starting lineups for Game 1 tonight.

Let’s start with the Astros:

Michael Brantley has been a key piece for the Astros in this run to the World Series. That won’t make Indians fans happy in the slightest, yet he is at least one good guy to root for on a team that I doubt many Indians fans enjoy. There is always something off about that team down in Houston.

Former Indians reliever Joe Smith is also on the roster for the Astros. Though he didn’t charm fans in Cleveland as much as Brantley.

Now let’s look at the Nationals lineup:

You will notice Asdrubal Cabrera‘s name in the lineup, while Yan Gomes is on the bench but still on the World Series roster. We should see him at some point in the series.

The main storyline for this World Series in general is the pitching. Both teams feature dominant starters and the Game 1 matchup of Max Scherzer versus Gerrit Cole is just insane. One very rich man going up against a man who is about to reach that same level of wealth this offseason.

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Yet as it often goes, one offense should be able to break through and pandemonium will ensue. It should be fun to watch in general and the former Indians involved will give fans in Cleveland something to root for even if they hate both teams.