Cleveland Indians: Rooting interests for fans in the 2019 World Series

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(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians fans who are also diehard baseball fans have several players to root for throughout the 2019 World Series.

It is almost hard to believe the Cleveland Indians were in the World Series only three years ago. The 2016 Fall Classic feels like a distant memory.

Anyway, the 2019 World Series begins Tuesday and I know I will be watching every game. That had me thinking about who I, as an Indians fan, will be rooting for.

For a team in general I will have to side with the Washington Nationals. I don’t dislike the Houston Astros just because they eliminated the Indians from the 2018 postseason. There is just something about that team, aside from Michael Brantley, that rubs me the wrong way. Some of it is due to Trevor Bauer calling them out and their response.

The Nationals are an easy team for Indians fans to root for in general. The franchise is making its first World Series appearance and technically carries on the legacy of the Montreal Expos, even if fans in Montreal don’t associate with the team.

Cleveland fans can always get behind an underdog and especially one that features the talents of Yan Gomes and Asdrubal Cabrera.

I am not advocating for Indians fans to jump up and down and root for the Nats. It is more of a general endorsement, like in politics. Only far more fun and less controversial. Any Indians fan out there rooting for the Astros either has insane American League loyalty or just really hates the Nationals.

My Nationals endorsement is helped along by two fun things surrounding the team. The first is the “Baby Shark” dance done every time Gerardo Parra comes to bat. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will this weekend.

The second is what Juan Soto does whenever he takes a pitch. I recommend looking that up as well.

Baseball is trying to market itself in a manner all about letting the players have fun. The Nationals do that and more.

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Who will you be rooting for in the World Series?