Cleveland Indians: Finally moving past the October 2016 nostalgia

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It is easy for Cleveland Indians fans to get caught up in the memory of the 2016 postseason. That sentiment seems to be beginning to fade after 2019.

I have not watched Rajai Davis‘ legendary Game 7 home run in a few months. That is probably a record for me since he gave Cleveland Indians fans new life in the 2016 World Series.

Honestly I have not thought much about that postseason as of late. Once again, a record.

Then my Spotify was on shuffle and this famous song blared through my phone speakers.

In the case you didn’t watch the team in 2016 or just never noticed, this song was Jason Kipnis‘ walk-up song and essentially the song of the season. I remember Trevor Bauer using it in a video he made as well.

During the 2017 and 2018 postseasons I kept finding myself yearning for 2016. The ending was not ideal but the journey was one I will never forget. Then came the following two years when a year of waiting turned into migraines and disappointment in a matter of days.

That feeling of actually winning a series and finding joy in October quickly faded and the 2019 season began after a second straight disappointment.

Obviously the Indians missed the postseason this year. I believe this is the cause of me losing that 2016 feeling. There was no yearning for October success because it was accepted that the team wasn’t going to even make it. And if they did, disaster may have been waiting once again.

Moving on is always a good thing. And maybe I am the only one with these feelings of the 2016 nostalgia fading away. A lot of stars from that team are no longer with the Indians and a few more may leave this offseason.

That includes Kipnis and his iconic walk-up music.

There is nothing wrong with looking back at the 2016 postseason for the sake of reliving fond memories. I just find myself no longer doing it out of habit. It takes something like a song or an unnecessary mention of a 3-1 comeback on ESPN for it to be fresh in my mind.

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One day the Indians will win another World Series. That won’t totally erase the fun of 2016 from the minds of fans. But man, at least we will be able to look back at a story that has a happy ending.