Cleveland Indians: The most interesting projected arbitration figure in 2020

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The Cleveland Indians have some notable players eligible for arbitration in 2020. One player on the list stands out the most.

Danny Salazar has been a ghost for the Cleveland Indians since the end of the 2017 season.

He didn’t make a single appearance in 2018 and appeared in one game this past season before leaving after barely even being able to throw pitches off the mound. He probably should have never gone out there in the first place.

It is easy to assume that Salazar has made his last outing as a member of the Indians and perhaps as a member of any team. The injuries may have taken a toll that is too much to overcome.

The reason I am discussing Salazar now is because his name was featured on the list of projected 2020 arbitration salaries shared by MLB Trade Rumors. In fact, out of the nine Indians eligible for arbitration he had the second-highest projected figure at $4.5 million.

Yet barring any superhuman change in health, Salazar is going to be non-tendered by the Indians this offseason, thus making him a free agent.

Severing ties is the right move at this point. If the team is hellbent on being strict about every dollar spent it no longer makes sense to wait on Salazar. Especially when there is so much young, and cheap, pitching talent on the roster.

He had his success in Cleveland but there comes a point in time when it is best to move on. Constantly waiting on Salazar only disrupts the flow of things for the organization and if he is let go, for good, the team can focus on those who are indeed healthy and ready to play.

Let me be clear, I am still a huge fan of Danny Salazar. I hope he gets right and lands somewhere else. It just no longer makes sense for the Indians, at the projected price tag, to keep waiting on him.

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