Cleveland Indians: A weird reaction to a simple tweet

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A certain pitcher for the New York Mets is having a tough time moving on from what seemed like a simple tweet from the Cleveland Indians.

Twitter is not the most happy of places at times.

That is especially true for those running the Cleveland Indians Twitter account. I know the team is not perfect and sometimes some tweets don’t land. But they are just tweets, it is not the end of the world.

The, usually younger, social media team has to sift through negative comments on a minute-by-minute basis. They even had to contend with New York Mets fans after a tweet that seemed rather harmless at the time.

The key word in that tweet is “fringe.” That apparently caused outrage in New York and Noah Syndergaard joined in on calling out the account for using some inflammatory language.

He remained unable to let it go when he sent out the following tweet Sunday night:

What a weird thing to say.

He is correct in that both the Indians and Mets ended up being fringe playoff teams. Both were at the time of the tweet as well.

The term fringe was clearly not meant as an insult. I don’t think that is so hard to interpret. The Mets were technically in the playoff race and the tweet was meant to say the Mets weren’t a garbage team. So it was the opposite of an insult.

Yet some people take things too seriously and clearly Syndergaard is one of those people. He must be a hard guy to compliment.

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Twitter beef is always weird and this is no exception. I just think it is funny to think of a star pitcher sitting on his phone waiting to send out this tweet. I’m guessing he had it in his drafts for over a month.