Cleveland Indians: A fan poll on 2019 postseason viewing

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians fans have the tough decision of whether or not to watch the postseason in 2019 now that the team is not taking part.

Watching October baseball had become a habit for Cleveland Indians fans after three straight years of winning the American League Central division.

Now fans must decide if they will tune in at all in 2019.

I am personally on the fence. I will watch some games but I certainly won’t sit down and watch every game for the whole month. I was curious what other Indians fans thought so a Twitter poll was created.

There you have it. Apparently I fall in the majority of those who will watch some but not all of the postseason.

The Wild Card games usually end up being must-see television for baseball fans considering they are two stressful elimination games. After that it will be hard to watch the New York Yankees or Houston Astros and not be bummed. Or maybe that is just me.

If you didn’t vote in the poll I am curious of your thoughts. Of course this is an informal poll on social media so the actual results may be wide-ranging. Or people who said they won’t watch were lying as they just can’t resist watching October baseball.

Not watching any postseason games may end up being too difficult. There is no Indians baseball for nearly six months so a bit here and there shouldn’t hurt too much.

Next. Who can fans root for in October?. dark

The Indians missing the postseason is obviously a bummer. Will that stop you from watching October baseball? Let us know if the comments section of this post. It will help create a more scientific result than a late night Twitter poll capturing the feelings of frustrated fans.