Cleveland Indians were the heroes in town Sunday night

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(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns were both home in primetime Sunday night. Only one of the two left fans happy at the end of the night.

The Cleveland Indians had some impeccable timing Sunday night.

The Cleveland Browns were just ready to start their much-anticipated Sunday night game when Oscar Mercado hit a three-run blast to make it 4-1 over the Philadelphia Phillies. So those who were flipping back and forth got some security in an Indians win.

As we know now, the Indians cruised to a 10-1 win while the Browns fell in dramatic fashion late Sunday night.

I am someone who does not agree with the whole idea that Cleveland fans should not get excited about the Browns when the Indians are fighting for a playoff spot. It is 2019. Watching both at the same time is not that difficult to do. I did just that Sunday night.

However, after last night I am more in the boat that the local focus should be on the Indians throughout this entire week. I know that won’t be the case on local sports talk radio, but it will be here! Obviously.

The Indians salvaged the night on Sunday and were the true heroes in town. The team was in front of a national audience and dominated a team that was still technically fighting for a playoff spot. Even Ryan Flaherty got a hit!

No matter how great the Indians are, the Browns are always going to be the top dog in town. It is just how it is, no matter how much some Indians fans scream about it on Twitter.

That doesn’t change how passionate Indians fans are, though. I have never been one to defend my fandom or try to change what someone else watches. I just watch the baseball team I love and let others do what they want.

I could be the only one in the stadium and still enjoy the experience.

Anyway, Sunday also saw Carlos Carrasco throw 2.2 innings of scoreless relief. So if you need an amazing storyline out of Cleveland from Sunday, head down a bit from the lake for the best one. Not hating on the Browns! Just saying.

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Cleveland is a weird place to be a sports fan the day after a Browns loss. Luckily the Indians are around to provide some good vibes for now. Don’t let a football game distract you from that! Or let it if you want to. Then you are just missing out.