Cleveland Indians: Interesting schedule change for the home finale

(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians have some updates to the schedule, including a curious move in the final home game of the 2019 regular season.

The Cleveland Indians are rapidly approaching the end of the 2019 regular season. That makes every home game that much more important and exciting heading down the stretch.

The home finale falls on a Sunday. The exact date is September 22, which also sees the Browns in town to make a return to Sunday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams. An Indians afternoon game followed by some time to tailgate for the Browns seemed like the perfect day.

Until the starting time changed, according to Kevin Kleps of Crain’s Cleveland:

The Indians are now in the spotlight on that Sunday night. This is great news if the Browns were not playing less than two hours later.

The good news from this is that both Cleveland teams are in the national spotlight on the same night. The obvious problem is the fact Indians fans who are also Browns fans now have a scheduling conflict.

I know the diehard Browns haters in this town will hate any talk of not fully focusing on the Indians that night. But it is a bit of a bummer that the league made this move on a day that already had the perfect schedule.

As you can see above the Indians also have a Thursday night game flexed into a nationally televised game. It is a bit odd given the opponent but I won’t complain about a national beatdown of the Detroit Tigers for all to see.

Complaining won’t change anything about the schedule. I just think it is a bit odd to try to put the Indians in the spotlight, only to take them out of the spotlight in their home city.

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Either way it will be a good night to have two screens.