Cleveland Indians ranked favorably in FanSided power rankings

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians aren’t playing great over the past few weeks but have done enough throughout the year to remain in the playoff hunt.

The Cleveland Indians have dropped a bit in several national power rankings.

FanSided’s Sean Sears is a bit more favorable to the Indians in his latest edition of MLB power rankings as the calendar is set to turn to September.

Sears has the Indians ranked fifth overall, one spot ahead of the Atlanta Braves and one spot behind the Minnesota Twins.

The fact the Indians have a relatively easy schedule and will also be getting some key players back helps set the team up, at least on paper, to remain in the division hunt up until the final day of the regular season. If the Twins pull away, the Indians still remain at the top of the Wild Card race for now.

It is easy to panic about the Indians’ playoff chances after any given loss. But mass panic should not ensue unless the Indians fall far in the Wild Card race. Hopefully that just doesn’t happen, though the start of the series in Tampa Bay is not a good sign.

The Indians being ranked fifth is partially due to the National League lacking true dominance aside from the Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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A high ranking like this won’t matter to anyone if the Indians miss October. What it does show is that the Indians are indeed among the best teams in baseball in 2019 and anyone declaring the season to already be over needs to relax for a bit. There is plenty of talent returning in September to help with the run to October.