Cleveland Indians: The Bieber connection continues with Justin

(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians fans have seen Shane Bieber have fun with another famous individual sharing his last name. The connection just went to the next level.

Shane Bieber is a famous man to Cleveland Indians fans. But I can’t say he is the most popular Bieber in Cleveland.

That title likely still belongs to a certain Mr. Justin Bieber. In case you weren’t aware of the famous Bieber I was talking about.

The connection obviously starts with the last name. Then came the next step of Shane wearing a “Not Justin” jersey for Players’ Weekend. After that came a baseball card featuring Shane’s face and statistics, but Justin’s name. That was not done on purpose. So clearly Shane is approaching Justin-like levels.

The Bieber connection took another step forward today with a TMZ video showing Justin sporting quite the interesting jersey.

So there you go. Justin Bieber is now officially an Indians fans. Doesn’t he carry a curse with him? Ok, we won’t declare him a full fan yet.

This is a perfect, fun news story the night after a much-needed blowout victory in Detroit. There is nothing stressful to discuss from the game and we can take a minute to laugh at a global superstar rocking a funny Indians jersey.

I suppose the best way to deal with constant paparazzi is to have fun with it. Not that I have any experience in that field on either side of the camera.

It would be quite the confusing sight for Justin Bieber fans to see him supporting the Indians in October. But if Justin tells his fans to support Shane, we will have our own version of Beliebers in Cleveland.

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Alright, enough Justin Bieber talk for now. I’m exhausted.