Cleveland Indians: Jose Ramirez’s no good injury timetable

(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians fans received some bad news today as it appears Jose Ramirez will be done for the remainder of the season.

The Cleveland Indians have a habit of losing key players before the postseason is about to begin.

That trend continues in 2019 as it appears Jose Ramirez will be out for the remainder of the regular season and postseason.

Of course that timetable could allow for a postseason return. But that is on the generous end of the scale. It would take the Indians going deep into October for Ramirez to have a realistic shot of returning. Then it would have to be determined if he would be ready to be put back into the lineup after missing so much time with a hand injury.

This news sucks, though it was to be expected when Ramirez went into surgery Monday. His injury came from repeated stress on the hand and was likely bound to happen at some point. Naturally, it happened late in the year for an Indians team that needs all the help it can get with so many injuries already this season.

Most notably this news sucks for Ramirez. He was beginning to turn things around after a rough start to the season. He was slashing .321/.372/.705 for the month of August before the injury over the weekend. This came after a month of July when he started to really heat up.

Now he will have to watch from the dugout as his team tries to reach the postseason for a fourth straight year.

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Yet if his team makes another World Series run it is possible we see Ramirez again. Perhaps he returns and hits a Rajai Davis-like home run that will cause an earthquake at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.