Cleveland Indians: Great news surrounding Carlos Carrasco

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians have rallied around Carlos Carrasco since his leukemia diagnosis and it is possible the pitcher returns to the field this season.

It is impossible to not root for Carlos Carrasco.

He has been with the Cleveland Indians since 2009 and during that time he has gone from a struggling starter, to a successful reliever, back into a dominant starter.

Then came this year when he was visibly struggling on the mound. That was followed by the news of a leukemia diagnosis. But that hasn’t stopped Cookie one bit.

He has been throwing with the team and has already worked himself back up enough to make a rehab appearance.

Paul Hoynes of recently wrote how Carrasco should make a one-inning appearance on Monday in Akron. If all continues to go well he will return to the Indians as a member of the bullpen.

This is simply amazing news. Both for Carrasco personally and for the team. He has continued to work and is an inspiration for anyone out there needing a little bit of that this time of year.

His reward is returning to the team and hopefully being a key member of the bullpen heading into October. His velocity should be close to being back to normal by then. Everything else about his game hasn’t suffered and opposing offenses will have to cope with going up against one of the top pitchers in the league late in games.

Good luck with that.

Carrasco still has a long way to go in terms of pitching in actual games. Though it shouldn’t take long for someone with his experience to get back to normal if he is feeling alright physically.

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All I know is that his return to the mound will be must-see television.