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Cleveland Indians: A reintroduction during an exciting season

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The Cleveland Indians are making things fun again in 2019. This has re-energized one writer who just had to come back and share his Indians takes.

This post may not be as relevant if you are not a regular reader of the site. If that is the case, let me offer a hearty hello and introduce myself.

My name is Steven Kubitza and I was previously the site expert here at Believeland Ball from August 2016-December 2018. You may remember what happened in 2016 right after I joined.

If you are indeed a regular reader of the site then I hope you are excited to see me. Or at least not completely mortified.

I am back to join Chris O’Reilly as a co-expert here at Believeland Ball. And I am about as happy as Francisco Lindor is on a normal day.

The site has always been near and dear to me and I have been a part of it through several name changes. For the real loyal readers out there.

Honestly I am just excited to be back writing about the Cleveland Indians again. I don’t claim to be the ultimate baseball knower in the land but I try to keep it fun. I’ll do my best not to alienate any readers. Unless they argue about pitcher wins being the most important stat of all. That would be losses, am I right?

So enough about me. The Indians have a doubleheader today before a huge series against the Minnesota Twins. Next week could see the Indians in first or have fans panicking after a rough weekend. I will be here along the way to see how it all plays out.

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Say hey in the comments! And if you are a new reader, welcome! We are happy to have you.