Cleveland Indians: Previewing the first series with Toronto

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I hate this lineup

I used to type the lineups for these previews with easy last year. Names like Michael Brantley, Edwin Encarnacion, and Yan Gomes are all gone and I’ve accepted that. But now when I type the lineup this year it worries me. I get even more worried when I see how they produce offensively. Santana, Ramirez, and Hanley can’t be forced to do it all and that’s exactly what is happening. Some of these younger players need to step up or this offense is doomed until the injured players return.

Worse/Best case scenario

Worst case 1-3 series loss: This would put us in for a really long weekend that I don’t think my heart can handle. The Indians have to level the playing field going into each game by making sure their starters are on top of their game. But the pitchers can’t do it all, and relying on this lineup is a scary thing to do right now.

Best case 3-1 series win: The Indians aren’t sweeping anyone. But they can take this series if they play their cards right. The Blue Jays aren’t a powerhouse and they’re very beatable. If the starting pitching goes out and does its job, the Indians have shown they can get some late hitting to seal the deal in close games.

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The series starts today at 6:10 and will see all different start times throughout the weekend.