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Cleveland Indians: News tidbits from the first week of Spring Training

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Between some underwhelming early games, we do have some interesting bits of news regarding the Cleveland Indians that have drawn strong reactions.

The first few games of Spring Training are typically used to analyze players and get them back into the flow of playing baseball. For the Cleveland Indians, it’s also a time to get some fans riled up. The first instance of this comes with the uniforms.

If this offseason has taught us anything, it’s that Tribe fans don’t like it when you change the uniforms. But the Indians took a chance and the reactions are mixed.

That’s right, I’m talking belts and undershirts baby. Everyone’s favorite part of the uniforms is being altered from red to navy blue this season. To me, it’s a very minor thing and I honestly might not have noticed it if it wasn’t pointed out.

But reactions are completely rational in the replies. Fairly rational compared to other things happening with the team. While the signing of Hanley Ramirez is certainly newsworthy, I wasn’t able to get to a piece when the news broke as I was under the weather. But now that it’s been a few days, we’ll post a full article on the news if he passes his physical. Considering he hasn’t played in nearly a year, that isn’t exactly a guarantee.

Fans have had mixed reactions to this news as well, and I completely understand that. At this point, I’ve accepted that Cleveland Indians fans will overreact to everything until the team wins a World Series… don’t worry, I’m right there with you guys.

Also, some very minor news came today. Travis Haffner has made it to Tribe camp where he will serve as a special advisor for a few weeks.

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I’ll be honest, some of the replies here are pretty funny. The Indians currently lead the Rangers 1-0 as I’m typing this. It’s been a slow start to Spring Training as I’ve mentioned. But Trevor Bauer pitched a three-inning beauty in today’s game, and we got a Greg Allen leadoff dinger. We can all be happy about that.