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Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer wins arbitration case again

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Trevor Bauer is a very good pitcher in the MLB and he has now won another arbitration case to make more money from the Cleveland Indians.

If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that Trevor Bauer is good at pitching, and winning arbitration cases. Bauer has now one his second case for arbitration in as many years, and this one has a hefty payout.

Bauer was awarded the $13 million that he used to counter the Cleveland Indians $11 Million offer.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering that Bauer completely outplayed his earnings in 2018. Bauer won his case in before that season, winning $6.5 Million, instead of the 5.3 Million offered by the Indians. The difference of course resulting in Bauer’s 69 days of diving, where he would donate $420.69 to charities for 68 days, and a final donation of $69,420.69.

What does this mean for the Cleveland Indians? Well, it puts their payroll at around $119 million in 2019. That’s still well below the $143 million adjusted team payroll from 2018. We know the team wanted to cut payroll so it’s not a huge shock by now.

However; now there is a chance that the low mark for Bauer in 2020 will be around $20 million. That could add even more intrigue to the next offseason.

I’m all for keeping Bauer on the team. If it means we get more videos of he and Mike Clevinger acting like goofballs, I’ll pay him whatever he wants.

Bauer has worked his way into the second spot in the Indians rotation. He had a career-year in 2018, and if he plays anything like that this year it makes the Tribe rotation that much more dangerous.

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Say what you will about the Indians roster and their spending, the starting pitchers that they have deserve every penny they get.