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Cleveland Indians: Daily Rundown – January 21st, 2019

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

We’re starting to see more action around the MLB as Spring Training approaches. The Cleveland Indians continue to remain idle but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Happy Tuesday, Tribe fans. Welcome back to the Daily Rundown. Apologies for the hiatus, college can be time-consuming at times, but we persevere here at Believeland Ball. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The Cleveland Indians haven’t done anything newsworthy and it’s becoming an annoying trend.

When you look for Indians news the result is mostly articles on the current state of the team and what they need to do. But some pieces do stick out and we’re showing you the best of those here. The first is a nice piece on Leonys Martin and how he is holding up after beating an illness that threatened his life. Martin could find himself starting in the Indians outfield with the pieces they’ve lost. It’s a really heartwarming piece which is what we all need in this cold.

Leonys Martin is glad to be alive and can’t wait to wear a Cleveland Indians’ uniform again / Paul Hoynes,

A piece on our friends down the highway shows that the Cincinnati Reds are taking a unique approach to the offseason. Actually making moves. The Reds made another move Monday by finalizing a deal that landed them Sonny Gray and then extended him.

It makes sense for them to build. Their division is loading up. Credit to them for not backing down and instead of trying to contend in what may be the best division in baseball right now.

The Cincinnati Reds, unlike a lot of MLB teams, are at least trying this winter / Dayn Perry, CBS Sports

There’s also a cool piece from Let’s Go Tribe about Carlos Santana. It’s the most exciting move the Indians have made this offseason. While we all remember Carlos Santana, we know a lot about Carlos from his time in Cleveland, but this article reminds you of how fun he was to watch.

Getting reacquainted with Carlos Santana / Matt Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

dark. Next. Reviewing the new Cleveland Indians uniforms

It’s Hall of Fame day so at least we get some interesting baseball news. It’s not looking like our guy Omar Vizquel is getting in just yet. But the committee has some interesting choices to make.