Cleveland Indians: Daily Rundown – January 17th, 2019

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While other teams continue to pursue baseball’s top free agents, the Cleveland Indians sit and wait for the market standard to be set before making their move.

Good afternoon, Tribe fans. While it feels like winter may never end and no one will ever sign, I assure you baseball will still come soon enough. The Cleveland Indians look to be waiting out the market, and I accept that for now. There is still a boatload of talent out there and the Indians are waiting for prices to drop. This is just the new standard for the MLB.

But while free agent signings seem few and far between, trade rumors are still going strong. The hottest name on the trade market is Corey Kluber. It’s really been the only news that we’ve had. Yesterday I broke down how the current market of Kluber trades doesn’t make much sense. Feel free to make counterpoints in the comments section.

Cleveland Indians: Assessing the continued Kluber trade rumors / Carson Ferrell, Believeland Ball

Since there isn’t much going on throughout the league, Bleacher Report put out an article listing every team’s potential breakout star in 2019. If you don’t want any spoilers, click here before you continue reading.

Are they gone? Okay, they listed Shane Bieber as the Indians breakout star. I completely agree with this. If he can get over the hump and continue the way he started 2018 and not hit a wall again, he’s primed for a huge breakout.

Every MLB team’s potential breakout star in 2019 / Zachary D. Rymer, Bleacher Report

Mandy Bell posted her Indians Inbox. She addresses what feels like continued hopelessness about the Indians lack of moves. She also talks about the first base situation and the current state of the outfield.

Next. Cleveland Indians All-Time right fielders. dark

That does it for today. I can assure you these news reports will be longer during the season. We all have to get through the winter together.