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Cleveland Indians: Daily Rundown- January 3rd, 2019

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Good afternoon to all, the Cleveland Indians will continue to stay idle until we all die. Just kidding, but it feels like forever and I would like to see some action.

The bad news is that you all probably had to go back to work this week. The good news? Two more days until the weekend! Don’t let the stress of the Cleveland Indians sitting quietly bother you too much, leave that to those of us who write about this team and need things to talk about.

Fortunately, if you enjoy hurting yourself with thoughts of this team we also have you covered. We posted a piece about the 2019 Cleveland Indians yesterday. We look into the players who need to improve play in 2019 (not to be confused with the “Players who will break out” article). You can check that one out here to get your afternoon started.

Cleveland Indians: Players we’d like to see improve in 2019 / Carson Ferrell

The nice folks at Let’s Go Tribe posted a funny little piece about a rival GM saying that the Indians are just looking for “cheap roster fillers” because they aren’t trading Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer. Well, well, well. Sounds like someone is being a big whiney goober baby because they didn’t get the player they want. Waaaahhhhh.

Indians focused on “cheap roster fillers,” says executive who didn’t get Corey Kluber / Matt Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

We also had one of our very own writers continue his series on the All-Time Indians players at each position. In this edition, Ronnie talks about the Indians All-Time Shortstop. See if he can throw you for a loop. He certainly took me on a roller coaster ride whilst editing it.

Cleveland Indians All-Time team: Shortstop / Ronnie Tellalian

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That will do it for our Thursday rundown. These will start to fill up more as more happens, but the baseball world is turning slowly, for now, try to stay warm out there folks. Spring Training will be here before we know it.