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Cleveland Indians: Corey Kluber rumors return after a short hiatus

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The day after Christmas saw the return of Corey Kluber trade rumors, this time involving several National League teams interested in the ace.

Christmas was a peaceful day without any Cleveland Indians trade rumors.

That didn’t last very long.

Wednesday saw the return of the rumors, and I can only assume the same will be true today.

Most intense! I love the language used this time of year.

If Corey Kluber were to be traded it does make the most sense to get him out of the American League. Imagine him knocking the Indians out of the postseason. Fans would riot.

It should take quite the deal to get Kluber in a trade. I don’t see one of the Padres players listed as being nearly enough. It would at least take all three for the Indians to be interested, or at least that’s what I hope.

There are also talks of trying to get a center fielder in a Kluber trade. Getting a center fielder would have to be one piece of a much larger trade. The team’s ace can’t be traded to get one player in the lineup, especially when that player is young and unproven.

The Indians can put Leonys Martin in center to start the year and see how that goes. The team has taken a similar strategy in the past where moves, often cheaper, are made around the trade deadline once the needs are more clear. We never know who will step up throughout the year, so there is no need to make a drastic trade at this point.

I truly believe most of these “rumors” are basically leaks given to media members. Players can be thrown out there to gauge how the Indians are feeling and what level of talent is needed to secure Kluber.

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It’s all a circus but it is an annual part of the baseball calendar. Just don’t let it stress you out too much. This will all be forgotten if Kluber starts on Opening Day once again.