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Cleveland Indians: Rumors have taken a break, but not for long

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Cleveland Indians fans have dealt with rumors all month, and they should make a quick return now that Christmas has passed.

Trades never come when one expects them.

When the Cleveland Indians have made trades this year and in the past, I find myself scrolling Twitter only to be shocked by trade news. They come at any hour of the day and sometimes without much warning.

This year is a bit different in the sense that Corey Kluber has been a name attached to rumors over the past two months.

It seemed like he could be sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers or Cincinnati Reds at any moment. Then Christmas came around and slowed the rumors just a bit.

But now that the holiday has passed I fully expect the Kluber rumors to heat up once again.

Reports have come out talking about how thorough the Indians are when it comes to handling major trades. Sending Kluber elsewhere would not be an easy move and would be one that requires approval from several levels of the organization, at least if I had to guess.

The goal would be to bring major league talent in return and not a haul of prospects that can’t help right away.

I would be foolish to think that trade talks didn’t happen over the past few days. MLB executives know that every second counts, even when it is Christmas. A few texts were surely sent during family gatherings.

It must be nice to go in another room and say you have to talk about trades instead of having to listen to the ramblings of the one uncle who just had to be invited.

We have enjoyed some quiet when it comes to rumors over the past few days. But just as we all must go back to work and get back to our everyday lives, the hot stove will be stoked once again and the craziness is set to return.

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Hopefully it happens at a normal hour of the day.