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Cleveland Indians somewhat commit to Yandy Diaz in 2019

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Some recent comments make it seem that the Cleveland Indians could commit to Yandy Diaz in 2019, but some skepticism still remains.

There is a large contingent of Cleveland Indians fans who want to see Yandy Diaz receiver regular playing time with the team.

That only appears to be possible in 2019 if some roster moves are made, and one involving Jason Kipnis would certainly help Diaz’s cause.

But some hope for the Yandy believers was given by Chris Antonetti recently:

Diaz at third base would mean Jose Ramirez would slide over to second, creating an infield that some fans have been clamoring for the past few years.

Yet Antonetti did not at all commit to Diaz receiving regular playing time. He just said he could see it happening. The same way we all could see it as well.

Diaz’s name has popped up in some trade rumors this offseason, although we know that not all of those have much steam behind them. Still, moving him is a possibility which is why Antonetti may have given that soft commitment.

Or he just wanted to state the obvious that Diaz is talented and could easily start. That doesn’t mean he will, but it is better than saying Diaz isn’t qualified. If that was the case, there would be no point to keep him on the team.

Or maybe they are building up his reputation prior to making a trade. It is all possible and is why this time of year drives so many fans crazy. Although I am not included in the bunch that says they want some trades to happen already. I’d rather the team keep its top players and swindle other teams.

There is no rush to make a Corey Kluber trade.

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Diaz is certainly qualified to start and if he is on the roster at the start of the year, it will be hard to keep him on the bench for long.