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Cleveland Indians extend Carlos Carrasco, open up more trade talk

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The Cleveland Indians have reportedly signed Carlos Carrasco to a contract extension, opening up more talk of potentially trading a starting pitcher.

The Cleveland Indians have three dominant starting pitchers, and all three have come up in trade rumors this offseason.

You can take Carlos Carrasco out of that conversation with recent news courtesy of Ken Rosenthal.

This is exciting news for Indians fans, as Cookie will be around through at least 2022 on a deal that is team-friendly.

That is a bargain for the Indians and Carrasco could have likely earned more if he waited to hit the open market. Then again, injuries or a decline in play could change things, so it is smart to take the money if he is comfortable in Cleveland.

What this news also does is heat up the trade rumors surrounding both Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer.

The rumors are going to continue to surround Bauer and Kluber until a move is made, or Opening Day arrives. It is clear that the Indians are looking to trade one of the starters to add talent in the lineup, and specifically in the outfield.

Bauer remains the more likely target considering he will continue getting more expensive as the years go on, but Kluber could also be moved if the Indians believe his trade value is higher than his actual value to the team. I just hope they don’t outthink themselves in the front office.

Ultimately, it is going to come down to the best deal offered to the Indians. Kluber and Bauer are both likely being offered up, and the front office is just waiting to see what is offered in return.

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Both Kluber and Bauer have their pros and cons, but it will be weird if one is playing in a different uniform in 2019.